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Paint Correction is a critical step in eliminating imperfections and blemishes from your vehicle's paint. Surface scratches, swirl marks and water spots can all be the result from improper washing.


By using a high speed buffer, these imperfections in your clear coat can be eliminated. You will often here the phrase, "cut and polish" or "cut and buff". This refers to the steps of cutting, which is using an abrasive buffing pad and abrasive products to cut through the clear coat and remove these blemishes. The polishing, or buffing refers to the process of using a less abrasive pad and product to give the paint a very high gloss, polished look. Depending on the condition of the vehicle's paint, there can be several stages to this process to eliminate the deeper imperfections. See the diagram below for a visual representation.

Luxury Vehicle Care Paint Defects Guide.
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