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Indoor Car Storage 

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Safely store your automobile in our Climate Controlled facility. Automobile Storage service that we offer:

-Valet Services by our Trained, Insured Staff

-Battery Maintenance Services to ensure prolonged battery life

-Exercise Programs: Starting your automobile, running the fluids, checking tire pressure and overall well being of vehicle.

-Fuel Stabilizer

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Indoor car storage ensures the condition and longevity of your vehicle. Extreme temperatures and fluctuations in humidity can wreak havoc on your car. At Luxury Vehicle Care, scorching summer heat, freezing winters, and excessive moisture won’t damage your automobile, thanks to climate-controlled car storage. 


Sunlight contains harmful UV rays that can fade your car’s paint, damage interior materials, and weaken rubber seals. Luxury Vehicle Care’s storage facility will protect your car’s appearance by shielding it from the sun. 


Rest easy knowing that we prioritize security. Controlled access and other security measures keep your prize safe from theft and vandalism.  


But we don’t rely solely on the stable conditions of indoor automobile storage for protection. Our luxury car storage facility stands above other storage options thanks to the services we offer. We combine the convenience of storage and maintenance under one roof to give you peace of mind.  


Our trained and insured valet staff members are the only people who will move your vehicle while at our facility. We will periodically run the engine to lubricate mechanical parts and prevent fluids from thickening.  


An unattended car battery can drain and die. The battery powers electrical components, ensures the car starts, and helps the car continue running. We maintain the battery to prolong its service life and keep your car ready for your use. 


Another issue that can happen with inattentive storage is fuel breakdown. Gas generally lasts up to six months before breaking down into its component water and solvents. We will add a fuel stabilizer to prevent this breakdown and keep the gasoline fresh. 


We take care of storage and maintenance so that you can enjoy the ride. Every step in our process protects your car’s appearance, performance, and longevity. Our comprehensive indoor car storage is a game-changer for people who want to protect their cherished vehicles. Book with us today for the ultimate convenience and service.  

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