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RV Service and Repair 

It's hard to find service you can trust. We make it easy. We know your vehicle is important to you, and ensuring that it receives the quality custom care to maintain and repair it is important to us. Our service department provides the the kind of high-caliber maintenance and customization to your vehicle that is hard to find anywhere else in the area. We’d be honored to work on your vehicle!


-Charging System
-Solar Panels

-Roof Reseal

-Roof Replacement








-Wheel Bearing Packs



-Pre-Check Inspections






Our RV service center offers various options for upgrading your home on wheels to reflect your style and comfort preferences. Customizing your RV’s interior transforms it into a personalized haven that enhances your travels.  


We can refresh your recreation vehicle with new upholstery and fresh paint. We can also swap outdated cabinets for new cabinetry that maximizes storage space and keeps items organized and accessible. 


Road trips in your RV are just as much about the journey as the destination. That’s why navigational tools are essential for satisfying travel. We can upgrade your RV’s navigation system so that you can conveniently access crucial information, like custom routing, road warnings, and a directory of RV parks. 


Our RV service and repair center isn’t just about aesthetics. Let us optimize your rig’s functionality and efficiency with our roof resealing and replacement services. Over time, UV rays, tree branches, severe weather, and animals can cause cracks and deterioration. Let us repair or replace your roof to protect your RV from water damage and maintain the rig’s structural integrity. 


Whether you’re on the road or camping out, your RV’s battery is a lifeline. We can upgrade or repair worn batteries, improving the battery’s capacity and giving you reliable power for lighting, electronics, and appliances.  


Owning an RV expands your travel possibilities, and our RV repair and maintenance services help you get the most use out of your rig. Winterizing protects the RV from cold-weather damage. We can fully winterize the water system and add antifreeze to avoid cracked pipes. 


RV components deteriorate without periodic use, but we’ll start and run the engine to keep the components lubricated and prevent fluids from turning into sludge. At Luxury Vehicle Care, every employee who services your vehicle is professionally qualified. Your vehicle will receive care from insured on-site valets and certified RV service and repair technicians.

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