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Minimize Sales Hassle, Maximize Earnings  

Our Luxury Vehicle Care Sales Team offers a comprehensive consignment package to relieve yourself from the burden of selling your vehicle. Taking on the task of selling your vehicle during these uncertain times can be overwhelming.

Working closely with our in-house Service and Detail Departments, your vehicle will be offered to the public in prime shape. 


We are a dealer without the gimmicks and frills. Dedicated to upholding our values, Luxury Vehicle Care Sales provides a transparent and ethical approach to selling only vehicles that pass our thorough inspections.  

Consigning with Luxury Vehicle Care simplifies the selling process and ensures a quality transaction for the seller and the new owner. We sell various styles of RVs, boats, and automobiles. Our consignment specialists understand the intricacies of applicable markets, and our in-house services maximize your vehicle’s selling potential. 


We offer RV consignment for RVs, travel trailers, and fifth wheels. We reach a broader pool of potential buyers to increase the likelihood of a quicker sale at the right price point. 


Our comprehensive RV consignment package saves you time and effort. We perform thorough inspections to fully understand the vehicle; that way, we can make transparent evaluations. Then, our experienced RV consignment dealers handle advertising and showing the vehicle.  


We also offer exceptional boat consignment services. We leverage our marketing, pricing, and negotiation expertise to achieve the best outcomes. Enjoy a hassle-free selling experience and a successful transaction.  


Finally, we are also reputable auto consignment dealers. Our expert evaluation ensures an accurate assessment of your vehicle’s worth. Our car consignment dealers will help you achieve a higher selling price than you would through a private sale or dealership trade-in. 


We’ll take care of selling your vehicle and filing the paperwork. Starting from the initial evaluation and ending with payment processing, our services will allow you to enjoy a faster and easier sales process. 


Our in-house Service and Detail Departments can prepare your recreational vehicle, watercraft, or automobile for sale. Professional cleaning, waxing, and interior detailing make the asset more attractive to potential buyers.  


A well-maintained and serviced vehicle also has enhanced value. Pre-sale services can help you secure a better return. Plus, vehicles in excellent condition will sell quickly. Service records and proof of recent maintenance can build trust with potential buyers. 


We have a proven record of connecting sellers with motivated buyers and closing sales. Our secret isn’t a secret at all—we’re committed to providing quality services and customer satisfaction. Partner with us today for a rewarding RV, boat, or automobile consignment experience. 

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