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The process of storing your vehicle at Luxury Vehicle Care is easy and stress free. Whether you are needing seasonal storage for your boat or long-term storage for your automobile or RV, there are several options to fit your exact needs. 


Congratulations and welcome to the Luxury Vehicle Care family. Our new storage customers will be met by our service and storage associates. Your vehicle will be closely inspected and examined with thorough notes of any imperfections and issues. Paperwork will be filled out and customers will be issued their very own customer number. This will be your code and "member number" while your vehicle is safely stored at our facility. If you have any questions, or requests for your vehicle, we will gladly make sure that we customize a plan for your needs.


Looking to drop off your vehicle? No problem. Give us a quick call, email or conveniently schedule on our "book now" page. One of our storage associates will meet you outside of our facility, drive your vehicle in a designated spot and plug the vehicle in to the battery maintainer to ensure that your vehicle is in the same condition or even better than when it arrived. Be sure to tell our associate of any service work that you would like performed on your vehicle. Repair, service, inspections, and detailing are just a few of the services that we offer. 


Let us know that you would like to pick-up your vehicle with a 24 hour advanced notice and your vehicle will be outside waiting for you. For your convenience, schedule your pick-up and drop offs with the "book now" tab at the top of our website.



Needing to pick-up or drop-off your vehicle outside of our normal business hours? We will arrange for a safe exchange of keys using our secure  lock box. Our customer experience coordinator will provide a key code for the key lock box. Find your keys, and you will be on your way! 

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For availability, to schedule a tour or pricing information contact us today!

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