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Full-Service Boat Storage  

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If it's on wheels, we store it. That means we also store your boat trailers during boating season. With your prized possessions in good hands, you will not have to worry about the endless list of issues that may occur while mooring your boat. Offering a climate-controlled facility means that your boat will stay clean, free of damage caused by floating debris and most importantly we go through extra precautions to make sure that no mold or mildew will build-up while in storage.

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At Luxury Vehicle Care, we store and protect yachts, pontoons, fishing boats, and personal watercraft. Our full-service boat storage provides your vessel with a secure facility and routine care.  


Yachts: Your yacht is a private sanctuary, allowing you to have a secluded anchorage and enjoy special onboard amenities. Cruising in a yacht should reduce stress and reinvigorate you. Our luxury boat storage protects your yacht so that you can have the best time on the water. 


Pontoons: Pontoons feature large deck plans that can accommodate expansive lounge areas, stand-up bars, and sun pads. Full-service boat storage with Luxury Vehicle Care ensures that you’ll pick up your pontoon in excellent condition. 


Fishing Boats: Whether your fishing boat is designed for rivers, lakes, or coastal waters, climate-controlled boat storage will keep it in the best state. 


Personal Watercraft: Our boat storage facility also houses personal watercraft (PWC). When you're ready to catch some sun and waves, your PWC will be ready, too. 


Dry storage has many advantages over wet slip storage, which keeps your boat moored on the water. Indoor boat storage safeguards the craft from UV damage, wind exposure, and salt. 


Our services also prevent barnacles from latching onto your craft. Keeping the boat in saltwater for even just a few days can encourage barnacles to stick to and grow on the hull. These crustaceans secrete a substance that hardens like cement, making them hard to remove.  


Barnacle colonies harm boats in several ways. They increase drag, leading to higher fuel consumption. They can also attach to propellers and negatively impact the boat’s speed. Finally, they can damage the hull’s paint and fiberglass and leave behind unsightly calcium stains. 


Our climate-controlled boat storage facility prevents dulled and damaged paint and dried-out seals and leather. And, of course, you won’t have to worry about damage from animals and insects. Our staff will give your craft the white-glove treatment to preserve its functionality and appearance. 

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