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The Dos and Don’ts of Storing Your Travel Trailer

The Dos and Don’ts of Storing Your Travel Trailer

Imagine getting ready for an adventure-filled getaway only to find that your travel trailer is in poor condition due to improper storage. Essential precautions will keep your trailer in the best shape, even during extended storage seasons. Explore the dos and don’ts of storing your travel trailer to maintain your vehicle’s value and functionality.

Do: Clean and Inspect Your Travel Trailer Before Storage

Before you tuck your travel trailer away for storage, thoroughly clean it and conduct a detailed inspection. Washing off any dirt, debris, and contaminants goes a long way in preventing damage to the paint and exterior.

Next, examine the trailer for any signs of damage, wear, or corrosion that need addressing before storage. You ensure your trailer remains pristine and ready for when you next need it by taking these preventive measures.

Do: Choose an Adequate Indoor Space for Storing Your Travel Trailer

Indoor travel trailer storage provides the best protection from the elements and other outdoor hazards.

Be sure to consider the following factors when looking for that perfect indoor spot:

  • Dimensions: Ensure that the chosen location has enough height, width, and length to accommodate your vehicle without any issues.

  • Climate Control: A climate-controlled environment will help prevent damage caused by temperature fluctuations, humidity, and condensation.

  • Security: Look for a storage facility that offers top-notch security measures such as 24/7 surveillance, access control, and robust perimeter fencing.

  • Accessibility: Factor in your storage facility’s location, access hours, and any loading or unloading assistance they may provide.

Don’t: Disregard Regular Maintenance

Your travel trailer still needs care and attention, even when you’re not using it. Regular maintenance and inspections will prevent potential issues from escalating and becoming costly repairs.

Choose a storage facility that has an in-house RV service center for the most convenient and timely maintenance. A trained technician can check the tire pressure, battery health, lubrication levels, and the overall condition of your trailer while it’s in storage. Staying proactive with maintenance allows you to hit the road confidently when the time comes.

Don’t: Neglect the Interior of Your Travel Trailer During Indoor Storage

Maintaining your travel trailer’s interior is essential for a comfortable environment. Overlooking the interior during storage can lead to issues such as mold, mildew, musty odors, and even rodent infestations.

Proper ventilation is a key component of interior care. Ensure you close all the vents and windows, but leave one roof vent slightly open to avoid condensation buildup inside the trailer.

Prevent unwanted critters from calling your travel trailer home. Place mothballs or dryer sheets throughout your vehicle to deter rodents. Don’t forget to check all openings and entry points, such as vents or windows, and seal them off as necessary.

With proper storage and maintenance of your recreational vehicle, you invest in more years of exploration and adventure. Following these simple dos and don’ts of storing your travel trailer saves you from avoidable damage and expensive repairs.

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