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Full-Service RV Storage: RVS - TRAVEL TRAILERS - 5TH WHEELS 

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Your RV dream is our RV dream. Memories.

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Safely store your RV in our Climate Controlled facility. RV Storage includes:

-Valet Services by our Trained, Insured Staff

-Battery Maintenance Services to ensure prolonged battery life

-Exercise Programs: Starting your RV, running the fluids, checking tire pressure and overall well being of vehicle.

-Fuel Stabilizer

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Luxury Vehicle Care Service RV


Travel trailers give you a home away from home every time you embark on an adventure. Our indoor travel trailer storage services protect your vehicle so that you can feel confident on weekend getaways and extended road trips.  


Fifth wheels provide ample living space and convenient amenities. Safeguard your RV by storing it with Luxury Vehicle Care. Our trained staff performs routine care to maintain the reliability of your towable RV. 


Our climate-controlled facilities protect your rig from the elements and seasonal damage. Windstorms, sun damage, snow, and pests won’t touch your rig, preserving the functionality and beauty of your recreational vehicle. 


Other storage facilities for RVs, travel trailers, and fifth wheels offer just the bare minimum: a place to put your vehicle. But at Luxury Vehicle Care, we provide full-service RV storage that includes a safe and climate-controlled facility and maintenance that protects your rig’s performance. 


Without attentive maintenance, batteries in long-term storage can become damaged. The battery powers various systems, including the lights, appliances, and the water pump that delivers water to the faucets, toilet, and shower. We maintain flooded lead-acid (FLA), absorbed glass mats (AGM), and lithium batteries to support the optimal performance of your recreational vehicle’s powerhouse.  


As part of our full-service RV storage services, we perform daily checks and monthly exercise programs that support other essential functions while you store with us. We periodically run the vehicle to lubricate engine components and keep the battery charged. Our trained and insured on-site valets will move your vehicle to prevent fluids from settling and thickening.  


One common problem that can occur in long-term storage is tire flat spotting. Flat spotting happens when the tire has been stationary under the vehicle load for a prolonged time and develops a flat, rigid spot where it touches the ground. Our knowledgeable and attentive staff members check tires and maintain the correct air pressure to prevent this problem.   


Every step in our storage process safeguards your RV, travel trailer, or fifth wheel from deterioration. When you’re ready to go on another adventure, your vehicle will be ready. Book with us for exceptional indoor RV storage and maintenance services. 

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